Five Star Wailea Instructors

Michael PearsonMichael Pearson - Instructor
Originally from North Providence, Rhode Island and a graduate in culinary arts and pastry arts from Johnson and Wales University. College opened up a world to seek adventure in travel and a culinary career by working on a Mississippi steamboat, a luxury train, and high-end hotels and restaurants in places like Maine, Boston, Aspen, and Vail. My sense of adventure took me from Maine all the way to Antarctica and around the world exploring, leading tours, and eventually learning to scuba dive in Hawaii and Thailand. Settling on Hawaii's Big Island for three years, Hawaii always called me back to visit and eventually led me to settle on Maui for the last year. Scuba diving is a thrill seekers sport that seemed to fit into my natural flow and offers a new world of wonderful creatures to explore.

Everett Dahlmeier Everett Dahlmeier  - Instructor
Everett was born and raised in Chico Ca. and was certified at an early age in Monterey CA.  He enjoys sports and all out doors activity. Everett grew up competitively water skiing and snow skiing, typically in the Tahoe area.  He graduated from Chico State in 2011 with an environmental science major applied ecology and a minor in biology.  Shortly after graduating he moved to Maui where he as been in the dive industry for the past three years.  He grew up with reef aquariums the majority of his life which sparked his interest in tropical marine life and now enjoys all water activities whenever he has time to.  He currently has a PADI dive master rating and would hope to become an instructor one day.  If Everett is not working you will most likely find him surfing, spearfishing or continuing his favorite hobby, underwater photography.

Drew ElwoodDrew Elwood - Instructor
Drew swam competitively for 12 years before discovering the underwater world of diving.  He became hooked immediately to the joy of diving with turtles, rays, octopus and all the small critters one can find up close with the reef.  After getting certified in Honduras he decided to teach scuba around the world.  Drew has spent the last 10 years teaching in Thailand, Mexico, Honduras, Australia and now has made his home on Maui. "Even after all this time I still love working with beginners the most.  It's so rewarding to help people acclimate to being underwater, whether they are a natural water baby or it's the first time they have been in the ocean.  To see the joy on a beginners face when they swim with their first turtle or see their first eagle ray is why I love this job!"

Marc ChariMarc Chari - Instructor
Marc was born in France, and spent all of his childhood surfing in the Basque coast where he fell in love with the ocean. He was an aircraft technician for several years before discovering the joy of diving during a trip to Thailand. He quickly passed his level to become a dive instructor, he started teaching in south Asia for a few years followed by a season instructing in Greece. He finally settled down to Maui in April 2016. Since then, he has been part of the Five Star Scuba Wailea team.

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